What We Believe

Our core beliefs, principles, character, motivations and

אמונה אמנ


Who are the Original Israelites?


We here at The Israelite Collection© believe that the original ישראלי ("Yishra'elite" = Israelite) people, as spoken and written about in the Holy Bible are the so-called "Negro/ Black" (African Americans, Afro Latinos, Negro Africans, Black Europeans, etc.) people who are dispersed and scattered throughout the four corners of the earth through the Trans-Atlantic and Indian Slave Trades.

This decree and understanding comes from several passages. We encourage you to read them for yourself and allow the רוח הקידש ("Ruach HaQodesh" = set-apart 'holy' spirit) to lead you into all truth and wisdom.


ברשית 'Berashith' (Genesis) 15:12 - 15

וייקרע 'Wayiqra' (Leviticus) 26:14 - 45

דברים 'Debarim' (Deuteronomy) Ch. 28-30

ירמיהו 'Yiremayahu' (Jeremiah) 23:3 - 8

יואל 'Yo'el' (Joel) 3:1 - 2

Who is the Final Authority?

Our belief and אמונה ("emunah" = usually translated as 'faith') is in that of our God, יהוה (Yah.) We follow his laws, decrees, and commandments exclusively, as outlined in our qadosh manuscript and national book, the Holy Bible, alongside the additional books (Enoch (Chanok,) Jasher (Yasher,) Jubilees (Yobeliym,) 1st and 2nd Macabees (Maqqobiym,) Baruk (Baruq,) Judith (Yahudith,) and many more documents) which were removed by the Roman Catholic Church.

As a nation, we take the Word of יהוה (Yah) very seriously and do not add nor remove anything from his word or our history: 

דברים 'Debarim' (Deuteronomy) 4:2.


We do not hide or 'sugar-coat' the truth, but reveal all things through the power of the רוח הקידש (Ruach HaQodesh.)


Who is Yahusha Ha'Mashiach?


Our King, יהושע המשאח ("Yahusha Ha'Mashiach" = Yahusha the Messiah – commonly mistaken as 'Jesus Christ') is the visible manifestation of Our Elohim יהוה (Yah) as the בן (Ben) who tabernacled amongst us 2,000+ years ago:

יוחנן 'Yochanan' (John) 1:1 - 3

He is the promised suffering servant who would come preaching /clarifying/fulfilling Torah and taking on our transgressions in order to put us back in right standing with the father יהוה (Yah.) Thus fulfilling scripture and setting him as the rightful King of our Kingdom:

ישעיהו 'Yashayahu' (Isaiah) 53:5 - 12

ב ּאזרע 'Ezdra 2' (Ezra) 7:27-29

After his death, resurrection, and ascension into the שמימ ("shamayim" = third sky; dwelling of יהוה (Yah;) commonly referred to as 'heaven',) it was also spoken that in our lifetime, he will return, recover his people from captivity, judge the nations that enslaved us, and finalize his kingdom upon the earth:

מתיתיהו 'Mattiyahu' (Matthew) 24:29 - 31

חזון 'Chazon' (Revelation) Ch. 20:4 / Ch. 21 & 22

Who is Affected by the Truth?

With unedited truth comes clarity, freedom, and wisdom. We believe that the word of יהוה (Yah) will either affect a person two ways: it cuts to the bone and causes rejection of יהוה (Yah,) or it causes repentance and praise:

עברים 'Ibrim' (Hebrews) 4:12

The original Yishar'elite people bare the mark (sign) of יהוה (Yah's) covenant throughout our entire existence that the entire earth will recognize. We receive both blessings and curses fully as He has outlined in His word:

דברים  'Debarim' (Deuteronomy) Ch. 28, 29, & 30

With that in mind, we are challenged to teach and preach this truth to the lost of our people; to free those captive by the evils of the Kingdom of Darkness. This is the whole picture of what our King יהושע (Yahusha,) the TRUE Messiah, charged the children of Yishar'el and those joined unto us:

מתיתיהו 'Mattiyahu' (Matthew) 28:19-20


Why the Israelite Collection?


This collection was started out of the love and healing T'Zipporah experienced through her personal journey awakening to the true heritage of our people:

דברים 'Debarim' (Deuteronomy) 30:1-8

Many times in scripture, our God יהוה (Yah) showed us that he will deliver us out of our captivity from across the four corners of the earth:

ירמיהו 'Yirmeyahu' (Jeremiah) 23:3-8

He also promised to restore the remnant of our people the years that the locusts had devoured 

יואל 'Yo'el' (Joel) 2:25-27

Our people have gone through 400 years of discrimination, abuse, and destruction that has left us full of self-hatred and loathing (specifically in chattel slavery,) alongside 2,000+ years of being scattered from our homeland. 
But now, יהוה (Yah) has now blown a שופר (shophar = ram's horn) in to gather the tribes from the four courners of the earth back home.

The collection is T'Zipporah's way of helping יהוה (Yah) bring back the many years that were destroyed through fine arts for the Ibri Yishar'elite (black or negro) people.