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Agreement between Visitor(s) and The Israelite Collection©

This page is designed to better your knowledge of The Israelite Collection© website’s terms & conditions. This page acts as a contract between you (the visitor) and The Israelite Collection©.

By reading this page, you will be able to avoid any legal violations or infringements when using our website, viewing the collection, requesting commissions, conducting transactions, registering an account, or other related-functions.

Our website is offered to you upon your acceptance without modification of the terms (under certain circumstances,) conditions, and notices contained herein.Your use of this website and business constitutes as your acceptance to all such terms, conditions, and notices outlined in this agreement. The permission to use this website and any other services offered by The Israelite Collection© and its affiliates is personal to you and is not transferable by assignment, sub-license, or any other method to any person/entity.


Copyrights and Limitations on Use

The artwork, content, products, branding, and trademarks available through this website are the sole property of The Israelite Collection©, its licensees, and the artist, T'Zipporah Ashley Bath Yishar'el; they are protected by copyright and other applicable laws, treaties, and conventions (as outlined under the United States Government.)

All rights reserved. By accessing this website, you agree not to modify, edit, copy, sell, market, trade, and otherwise commerce the information, artwork, content, products, branding, and/or trademarks received through this website to anyone without the expressed prior, written consent of The Israelite Collection©. All artwork bearing the artist signature of T'Zipporah Ashley Bath Yishar'el is also copyright protected. Any breach of these terms is punishable by law.


Copyrights on commissioned artwork belong to T'Zipporah herein until otherwise legally transferred to you with proper documentation (C1 and C2 forms) of said transactions. Oral communication, social media messages, text messages, email messages, or any other form of communication outside of a written documentation will not be used as legal agreements in the court of law of copyright transaction between you and The Israelite Collection©.


Termination & Equipment

The Israelite Collection© or any visitor may terminate this agreement at any time. You have the right to terminate this agreement for any dissatisfaction with:

◆  any terms and conditions of this agreement,

◆  any policy or practices of The Israelite Collection© in operating this website,

◆  content available through this website, or

◆  any change, revisions, or modifications therein.

To terminate your agreement, send us an email detailing your termination to theisraelitecollection@gmail.com Any other form of termination will not be accepted. Your notice of termination will be effective upon receipt from us. We are not obligated to provide you with notice of termination, but may do so voluntarily.

All terms as outlined in these Terms & Conditions shall remain in effect after this Agreement has been terminated between the visitor or The Israelite Collection©.

Each visitor shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all phones, computer hardware, tablets, and other digital devices needed for access to and use of this website. You agree not to hold The Israelite Collection© responsible for any equipment failure or inability to access our website.

Similarly, in regards to receiving your orders, you shall be responsible for maintaining equipment when inputting proper addresses, payment information, and contact information while purchasing through our online store. You are responsible for all charges related there to.

The Israelite Collection© does not discriminate those with visual or audio disabilities. Our website is created to function for those with semi-visual and/or audio disabilities. All links are outlined and highlighted when used on this website. Similarly, audio is also available to high and low frequency changes. Please contact us immediately if you are experiencing challenges when using this website. You agree not to hold The Israelite Collection© (and its web service provider: WIX®) responsible for any visual or audio inability when utilizing our website.


Modification of Terms

The Israelite Collection©  shall retain the right at any time to impose, change, revise, or modify the Terms & Conditions applicable to your use of this website, or any part thereof including (but not limited to) content, artwork, products, functions, and equipment needed to access the website or to impose new terms & conditions.

Such changes, modifications, additions, or deletions shall be effective immediately, which may or may not be notified to our visitors via announcement on this website, email distribution, etc. If any changes are unacceptable, you may terminate your agreement at anytime.

Any use of this website by you after such notice (other than to terminate your agreement) shall be deemed as your acceptance of such revisions, additions, or deletions. You agree to review the terms and conditions periodically to be aware of such revisions.


You may also be subjected to additional terms and conditions imposed by third-party content providers in connection with our content, software, or services. Please read our Privacy Policy to review our policies regarding third-party services and your personal information.


The Main & Sketch Galleries

We agree to provide our visitors with 24/7 access to both the main gallery and sketch gallery unless in a condition of modification, renewal, construction, or transfer.

All artwork published through these online galleries are protected by copyright laws (as stated above.)  In addition, the sketch gallery hosts sketches, mock-ups, drafts, and artwork inspiration, which are only for viewing purposes and are not for sale. If you are found guilty of stealing, modifying, edifying, selling, rebranding, and otherwise commercing any of T'Zipporah's artwork and/or The Israelite Collection©'s merchandise and products, you may face legal penalties for copyright infringement.

You may distribute, promote, advertise, and otherwise circulate any of T'Zipporah’s artwork with the intent of promoting T'Zipporah and/or The Israelite Collection©. Please credit us when you share her work.

If shared on social media, please add our information by using the tag: @theisraelitecollection We thank you for spreading the word about The Israelite Collection© around the world! Without your support and promotions, we could never succeed in the goals and missions we have envisioned.


Commissioned (Custom) Artwork

T'Zipporah offers her artistic services to any visitor who wish to commission her for customized artwork and/or merchandise. When using our Contact Form for requesting commissions, you agree to input only factual, accurate, and current information. This initial application requires no payment fee upon submission. This agreement states that all fields located on the form must be fully completed in order to review and accept submission.

We agree to review requests within a 72 hour period of receipt. We reserve the right to decline submitted requests at our discretion based upon the following criteria: 

◆  Incorrect, invalid, or insufficient information,

◆  incomplete requests,

◆  insufficient ReCaptcha or failed ReCaptcha test,

◆  spam, computer bots, or unrelated messages,

◆  obscene, demeaning, or inappropriate subject matters,

◆  illegal or dangerous subject matters (promoting terrorism, illegal drug use, etc.,)

◆  racism, sexism, and other similar hate-related subject matters,

◆  gore and gruesome subject matters, and

◆  other subject-matters that hinder T'Zipporah's rights to religious freedom and speech.

You may terminate this agreement if your declined request is found unacceptable. The Israelite Collection© is not obligated to notify you of a rejected application. If you do not receive an email from us after the 72 hour period, please send us an email at theisraelitecollection@gmail.com This form is not subject to payment and is non-refundable, if received and expressed for that purpose.

All requests must be completed at the time of submission. Any incomplete submissions will automatically be rejected. Also, any submission found guilty of being spam, computer bots, or unrelated content will also be automatically rejected and visitors who send submissions of these types consistently will be blocked/banned from our website.

All artwork, creations, sketches, drafts, ideas, concepts, and similar materials belong to T'Zipporah Ashley Bath Yishar'el until transferred to you or another party via The Israelite Collection©'s official legal, copyright-transfer documents (C1 and C2 forms.) If you are found guilty of modifying, selling, or otherwise commercing any commissioned, non-transferred artwork, you may be subjected to legal penalties.


Online Shop and Payment Portal

The Israelite Collection©'s online store (via https://www.theisraelitecollection.com/shop) is the primary e-commerce portal that officially sells, commerce, markets, distributes, and trades all of The Israelite Collection©'s artwork and merchandise. All payment(s) and e-commerce functions for The Israelite Collection©'s website are conducted, processed, and delivered through this website. The Israelite Collection© sells the following items for e-commerce:

◆  Original artwork,

◆  reproductive prints of original artwork (i.e. canvas prints, display prints, etc.)

◆  original handmade jewelry, and

◆  related-apparel merchandise.

Each piece that is listed in our online store is filterable by the following categories:

◆  Artwork type,

◆  price of artwork,

◆  size of artwork, and

◆  artwork series name.

We provide you with a streamline way to navigate through T'Zipporah's available artwork. Some artwork may appear throughout the website (the online galleries primarily) that may not be listed in the store. If you wish to inquire about the availability of a particular piece, please send us a message through out Contact Form (be sure to mention the name of the piece.) If you do not feel comfortable using this form, please send us an email at: theisraelitecollection@gmail.com

Promo codes are available only for visitors throughout the year. Typically, promo codes are announced around the specific Qodesh Days (Holy holidays) of the year (see our Holiday Calendar section to learn about these days.) Promo codes are subject to specific artwork, merchandise, and scenarios exhibited by your cart at our discretion.

No promo code may be used in conjunction with another code, unless otherwise specified. Promo codes are not applied to sale, clearance, and final-sale artwork and merchandise.


Purchases from The Israelite Collection©'s Etsy® store (TheIsraeliteColl) apply to the policies and procedures outline on that specified platform. Etsy purchases receive a $0.20 add-on fee alongside shipping in the original price. Major sales, perks, and packages (such as the "free tzitzith gift" are conducted through the main website.

Community Guidelines

The Israelite Collection©'s offers visitors the ability to create a personal profile to better customize their experience on the website. Signing up for a personal profile allows you to view and track orders, store personal information, and interact with the website community.


We encourage community dialogue, bonding, and social interactions through our forums and portals. When using our forums and member areas, you agree to our community guidelines and will refrain from the following behaviors: 

◆  Violating biblical, Torah-based laws through expressions and solicitations,

◆  spam/ junk solicitations,

◆  pornographic expressions/solicitations,

◆  sexual harassment,

◆  business harassment,

◆  piracy expressions/solicitations,

◆  racism, sexism, and other similar hate-related harassment,

◆  blackmailing and personal privacy breaches through expression/solicitations,

◆  harassment directed towards The Israelite Collection©,

◆  harassment directed towards T'Zipporah Bath Yahudah Bath Yisra'el,

◆  harassment directed towards The Israelite Collection©'s affiliates,

◆  gore and gruesome forms of expression/solicitation, and

◆  all other similar forms of inappropriate and harmful expressions/solicitations based on
     The Israelite Collection©'s discretion.

If you are found guilty of any of these conducted behaviors as stated above on The Israelite Collection©'s community/ members sections, we reserve the right to formally flag and potentially ban you from this website.


Shipping Rates & Deliveries

This section of the page shall be regarded to as our shipping policy for all of T'Zipporah's artwork and The Israelite Collection©'s merchandise sold through this website. Under this shipping policy, you shall receive purchases through shipment and delivery services provided by USPS (United States Postal Service) by default, unless otherwise scheduled for local pickup.


We reserves the right to ship any of the artwork and merchandise via our desired shipping carrier at our own discretion. You also agree to any complimentary promotional/marketing materials (such as business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, thank you letters, etc.) that may be included with the purchases.

You will not hold The Israelite Collection© responsible for any order that is damaged, lost, or stolen when in transit. The Israelite Collection© is not obligated to issue any refunds or returns if the order is damaged, lost, or stolen while in the stewardship of USPS. Please relay all questions, comments, and complaints to the United States Postal Services (USPS.)

[NOTICE:] Because of the increase in shipping services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, orders may be delayed in some areas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Shalom and one love!


Local Pickup

By default, orders from The Israelite Collection© are shipped and delivered via our primary shipping carrier, USPS. However, we offer local customers  the ability to receive their purchases through local pickup. The Israelite Collection© provides this service for customers living or within the Akron/Cleveland  and Northeastern, Ohio area.


Local pickups must be conducted during a specified time as stated by The Israelite Collection©'s availability. All pickup locations and hours will be specified and delivered via email after your purchase has been confirmed and completed. If you cannot make your scheduled date, please contact us to reschedule your pickup at: theisraelitecollection@gmail.com

You will not hold The Israelite Collection© responsible for any order that may become damage when loading/delivering your order(s). The Israelite Collection© is not obligated to issue any refunds or returns if the order(s) is damaged during delivery.


Refunds, Returns, & Exchanges

Refunds, returns, and exchanges are available for all artwork and merchandise of The Israelite Collection© purchased through e-commerce store (www.theisraelitecollection.com/shop) You may receive a refund, return a purchase, or exchange a purchase for any artwork and merchandise purchased within 30 days of your receipt. All refund requests are subjected to partial or full refunds. We reserve the right to issue partial, full, or no refunds under its own discretion.

Artwork and merchandise returned must be in either “new” (no smudges, dents, and/or damage done) or “used” (minor smudges, dents, and/or damage done) conditions. After receiving your return, we may issue a refund at the discretion of the item’s condition. If the item does not fall within either condition as stated, we may reserve the right to deny your return. Exchanges are available for artwork and merchandise purchased from The Israelite Collection©.

You may exchange for any artwork or merchandise of equal value of your returning item. Exchange must be made no more than 30 days after your purchase (of which you are exchanging.) Artwork and merchandise being returned must be either “new” (no smudges, dents, and/or damage done) or “used” (minor smudges, dents, and/or damage done) conditions. After receiving the exchanged item(s,) we will ship the exchanging item(s) to you after the exchanged item(s) is approved. If the item does not fall within either condition as previously stated, we reserve the right to deny the exchange.

You will cover the re-shipment and shipping costs for the exchanged item, while the exchanging item’s shipping and shipping costs will be covered by The Israelite Collection©. If you would like to return, exchange, or request a refund, please send us a message via our contact form or email to theisraelitecollection@gmail.com