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We here at The Israelite Collection© believe in יהוה (Yah's) own words when he ordained us as his קדשים ("qodeshim" = set-apart people,) acting in brotherly love with one another always without hatred, envy, or strife:

ויקרא Wayiqra (Leviticus) 19:15-19

With that being said, we openly promote, endorse, advertise, and encourage other organizations, companies, and communities on this website. Below we have listed the best tools and recommended people to not only promote your walk with יהוה (Yah,) but to also encourage fellowship, community bonding, and socialization among our people.

Also, if you are newly awakened into the family of Yah, all we can say is:

(Hallelyim YAH!)

– English Translation:"We praise Yah!"–

We say תודה רבה ("todah rabah" = thank you very much) to יהוה (Yah) for you coming into the truth about our people! These resources down below were also, specifically picked with you in mind!We want everyone on this family to come to know יהוה (Yah), his people ישראל("Yishar'el" = Israel) and the true Kingdom of יהוה (Yah) as a whole!

(The Israelite Collection© is not affiliated with any of the organizations, companies, and others brethren below. All resources listed are out of pure love for Yishar'el:)

! הללימ יה

Qodeshim Gatherings

Listed here are a few assemblies of the קדשים (qodeshim) who we recommend for beginners that teach the Commands of יהוה (Yah) – which is his תורה (Torah) the witness of his son and our King, יהושע המשאח ("Yahusha Ha'Mashiach" = Yahusha the Messiah – commonly mistaken as 'Jesus Christ' through the power of the רוח הקדש("Ruach Ha'Qodesh" = the set-apart/holy spirit:)


The Awakening Remnant Koalition is an international effort to educate people in Torah.

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This website was set up to bring the latest End-time events, revelations, and hidden truths to the light that the body of Yahusha may be washed by the word and sanctified by the truth.

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Our goal is to connect like-minded Hebrews with assemblies in order to create a powerful network. 

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To view the full list of teachers and assemblies we'd recommend, please click the "Channels" icon under "More Resources" below, or click the link here.