Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What's the difference between Original Artwork and Prints?

'Original artwork' is the authentic painting, craft, etc. made by the artist (includes the brushstrokes, paint media, ornaments, etc.) versus a 'print' which is a reproductive copy of the authentic piece (ex. a poster, canvas print, pillow cover, etc.)


What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is a reproductive print of the original artwork that is printed on canvas paper and stretched over a wooden frame (similarly to the original artwork.)

The print, however, lacks the paint, brushstrokes, and other original features. It gives buyers a chance to purchase a reproduction as closely matched to the original as physically possible.


How do I know what Size I should Buy?

We recommend first picking the area of your home, business, or residence you’d like the piece in. Then, measure the desired area using a ruler, tape measure, or similar measuring device. You could also measure an item of your desired sizing and place it in the area (for reference.) There are also similar techniques on YouTube.


Does T'Zipporah do Customs?

T'Zipporah does offers her artistic services to anyone who wishes to commission her for customized artwork and/or merchandise.

You can request her for commissions either via our Contact Us Form or by sending us an email at:


What is the estimated shipping time?

Below lists the estimated times for domestic (USA) and International shipping times. We do our best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose:

(Economy:) 5 - 7 Business Days
(Standard:) 3 - 5 Business Days
(Express) 1 - 3 Business Days

(First-Class Package International:) 7 - 15 Business Days
(Priority Mail International:) 3 - 10 Business Days
(Priority Mail Express International:) 1- 7 Business Days


Can I only Checkout using PayPal?

Currently, we only use PayPal for all of our checkout transactions. However, you do not need a PayPal account to check out.

You can use just your credit and/or debit card information to finalize your transaction, as you would any other website.
Learn more about PayPal's policy on debit/credit card transactions here.


How should I care for my Original Artwork and Canvas Prints purchases?

For original artwork, do not clean paintings with abrasive chemicals such as lye, detergents, dish soap, and other similar cleaning agents. Occasionally dust with a slightly damp cloth. Do not remove backing and support from the canvas. Custom framing should be left to a professional framer; do not frame manually.

For canvas prints, do not expose prints to direct sunlight. Avoid environments with high moisture levels and occasionally dust with a slightly damp cloth. Do not manually laminate your canvas.


How should I care for my T-Shirt purchase?

T-Shirts may be washed in traditional washing/drying machines on cold setting. Do not iron over printed design.


How should I care for my Handmade Jewelry purchased?

Jewelry may be cleaned using a soft, non-abrasive cleaner such as cleaning wipes or dish soap. Do not use any harsh chemicals such as alcohol or lye. Do not keep jewelry in an environment that exceeds 90ºF (32.2ºC)


Are your Artwork/Products Available for Wholesale?

Wholesale is available for interested customers. Please email us directly at


Do you accept Returns?

Yes, we accept returns alongside refunds and exchanges. You can view our full policy on our Terms & Conditions page under “Refunds, Returns, & Exchanges” Please note, this policy is separate from the policy listed on our Etsy store.


Can I Share The Israelite Collection©'s Artwork and/or Galleries?

Yes, you absolutely 100% share the artwork and website with the intent of promoting and advertising T'Zipporah and The Israelite Collection©. Please review our policy on this matter by reading our Terms & Conditions under the sections Copyrights and Limitations on Use and The Main & Sketch Galleries.
If shared on social media, please add our information by using our social profile tag: @theisraelitecollection Follow us on our social media pages below so you can tag us in your shared posts there!