Due to the scattering of our people throughout the four corners of the earth, many of us are looking for different avenues to learn and connect with our אחים ואחותות ("achim wa'achototh" = brothers and sisters) in ישראל ('Yishar'el' = Israel.)

Below are a few channels of קדש ('qodesh'= set-apart) children of ישראל (Yishar'el) and their ministries that are providing teachings and community based on יהוה (Yah,) תורה (Torah,) and our King, יהושע המשאח ("Yahusha Ha'Mashiach" = Yahusha the Messiah – commonly mistaken as 'Jesus Christ':)

(The Israelite Collection© is not affiliated with any of the authors and companies below. All resources listed are out of pure love for Yishar'el:)

Israelite Channels


Awakening Remnant Koalition (ARK)

Yoshiyahu is Moreh (Teacher) at the Awakening Remnant Koalition (The ARK) in Central California.


Rebirth of a Nation

Rebirth of A Nation Tour mission is to travel the globe and Awaken the True Children of Israel to their true Identity, Restore them to their divine culture, and prepare them for prophetic end-time events.


Myra Waiters

Prophet and Licensed Ordained Pastor. Education Associate, Bachelor Degrees in Biblical Ministry from The Kings University in Van Nuys CA. Host of Yahusha’s Call.



We seek to restore disciples back to their Hebraic roots by teaching kingdom principles and Torah.



Understanding the times and knowing what to do.


Dante Fortson

Over the years I've come to be known for my in depth Bible studies that incorporate historical documents, maps, scripture, Strong's Concordance references, rare quotes, and more. I've written several Amazon bestselling books, which include the topics of evidence for black Israelites in the Bible (The Black Hebrew Awakening, evidence to support Noah's flood (As The Days of Noah Were), and an in depth book about angels, demons and other supernatural creatures in the Bible (Beyond Flesh and Blood).

Thoughts Camera Action

Thoughts Camera Action 

was created by a husband and father and a beautiful, Yah fearing wife in hope to educate our three beautiful children. As the family grew, our hearts were moved to invite and share this legacy with others on a public platform. After constant external interference and censorship, I believed it was necessary to create an alternative platform to enable true education to be shared for our time and future generations to come.

Judah Awakens 28

This channel is to wake up the true Tribe Of Juda worldwide to their true heritage and identity so that with the other 11 Tribes they can walk in it. Black people in America and around the world who are descended from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade you are The Tribe of Judah the true biblical Hebrews. 


Watchman Reports

The Most High Yah revealed to me that the Churches are asleep and that judgment has begun at the house of Yah, and to wake his people up. SOUND THE ALARM!


Kingdom Preppers

While this channel is open to all for edification, it is dedicated to the True Hebrew Israelites, the chosen people of Yah.

Seed of Israel

The purpose of this channel is to serve my Israelite Brothers and Sisters scattered to the four corners of the Earth according to the Holy Scriptures and Deuteronomy 28. Only the NEGROS scattered to the four corners of the Earth FIT the CURSES OF THE SCRIPTURES! No other RACE of people on Earth fits the CURSES.


This channel is designed to bring you TRUTH AND ONLY TRUTH. All esteem be to YAHUAH: Creator of the heavens, the earth, and TRUTH. My name is YaramYahu, and this means: YAHUAH is exalted.

Israelite Channels (Specifically for Women)


Her Royal Roots

Welcome to Royal Roots (Formerly Known "As Her Royal Roots")! Thank you for joining us! Royal Roots is a thriving community that is dedicated to the holistic approach to agricultural life and spiritual studies.


Open Diary

My channel is about expressing your innermost private thoughts, and secrets of your life, as well as how to overcome the challenges of life through a personal relationship with YAH.

Other Channels


Hananiah Project

Our goal for the Hananiah Project is to assist the parents in the teaching of Torah by creating music, stories, activities and more.


Growing Up Hebrew

This channel is being created by a Hebrew Israelite family to share our experiences in everyday life as we reclaim our identity and heritage practicing the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Scriptures to the best of our abilities.


Serving YAH

To the 12 tribes scattered abroad...greetings!


Yahlicious Bakery Goods

We love baking and we love Yah! Subscribe to our channel for recipes with food deemed as clean by Yah, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!


The ShevonYah Show

Hebrew Learning while dancing and singing. Come and Learn the Hebrew Language with "The ShevonYah Show"

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