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About the Artist


Hello, my name is T'Zipporah (pronunciation: 'TSEH-phor-A') Ashley Bath Yishra'el. I am a freelance fine artist and creator of The Israelite Collection©. I studied fine arts and graphic design at Kent State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Arts.

I created The Israelite Collection© because I have a desire and love for my people and wish to spread self-healing and love the way אבא יהוה (Father Yah) loves/sees us through fine arts and imagery.

My goal with this art collection is to help יהוה (Yah) restore the years the locusts have eaten away during our years of captivity:

יואל Yo'el (Joel) 2:25 - 27

You will find very little (if not any) artwork of my people in slavery, bondage, and suffering servitude in this collection. I portray and show how יהוה (Yah) is now bringing us back, restoring us to his ancient path, and truth through his תורה ('Torah' = laws of Yah,) our King, יהושע המשאח ("Yahusha Ha'Mashiach" = Yahusha the Messiah – commonly mistaken as 'Jesus Christ'), and  רוח הקדש ('Ruach HaQodesh' = the set-apart Spirit.)

My hope and prayer to יהוה (Yah) is that if you choose to purchase or view any of my artwork that you feel the love אבא יהוה (Father Yah) has for his people, and what he wants for you as well! Anyone is able to enter into the family of יהוה (Yah) when they choose to love him, follow our King, and keep his commandments!

I pray you choose the family of יהוה (Yah) and enter His Kingdom today! Rise Tziyon! A shophar has been blown for our return to our homeland! Repent for the Kingdom of Yah is at hand!

One love fam, 💙💛🧡