Royal Artwork for
a Royal People!

Official Website of The  Israelite Collection© by


Royal Artwork for
a Royal People!

Official Website of The  Israelite Collection© by

צפפרה אשלי בת ישראל
Image by Bernard Hermant

New Artwork

"Bereshith 1:28"
(Various Sizes Available)
"Mosheh" (Moses)
(10 x 30 in.)
"Assorted Collection" (1)

( 5x 7 in.)

New Merchandise

"YHWH" Paleo Peacock Necklace and Earring Set
(Various Sizes Available)
"Yahusha" Picto Mens Necklace

(13 in. Length)

"YHWH" T-Shirts (Mens)
(Available in Picto, Paleo, and Modern Script Formats)

Sketch Gallery


About The Israelite Collection©

This collection was started out of the love and healing T'Zipporah experienced through her personal journey awakening to the true heritage of our people: דברים Debaryim (Deuteronomy) 30:1-8

Many times in scripture, our Elohim יהוה (Yah) showed us that he will deliver us out of our captivity from across the four corners of the earth: ירמיהו
Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:3-8

He also promised to restore the remnant of our people the years that the locusts had devoured

יואל Yo'el (Joel) 2:25-27


 Our people have gone through 400 years of discrimination, abuse, and destruction that has left us full of self-hatred and loathing.


The collection is T'Zipporah's way of helping יהוה  (Yah) bring back the many years that were destroyed through fine arts for the Hebrew Israelite (black or negro) people.  



To promote generational wealth, growth, and prosperity in the ישראלי ( Israelite "Black & Negro") communities across the world.



Applying self-healing, love, and dignity to our community through rediscovering our identity as the chosen people of יהוה (Yah.)



Guiding the community development for programs such as culture expansion, history making, and overall nation building.

Our Purpose


Ya'aqob Yashar'el


Stay obedient to the Most High and watch the manifestation of this process enhance. By your obedience and faith Yah is gonna do the miraculous to show you and others that doubt you, slander your name work, be your footstool. You're doing this for him not yourself so definitely keep pressing in this.


Prophetic and anointed artwork you're doing in this season. You're chosen for it. I see it in the spirit. Keep doing what you're doing for the glory of Yah. He is all that matters!



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